Traditionally, Archery Bowfishing was an everyday activity for communities living along freshwater lakes and rivers. The method uses archery gears to shoot fish species and retrieve them. Among the most common fish caught using this method included paddlefish, alligator gar, Grass carp, Bighead Carp, and Common Carp. Archery Bowfishing is not for everyone, but for those who practice it, it is a representation of fun in the waters. If you’re interested in starting archery Bowfishing, you need to learn about all the necessary gears for perfect fishing time. You must learn how they operate and their importance. In this article is an outline of a variety of gadgets you need to carry in your fishing tour;

1. Bowfishing Arrows

Unlike other archery arrows, Archery Bowfishing arrows are extra heavier. These arrows feature aluminum, carbon, and carbon fiber materials that make them sturdy. The arrows, however, lack the fletching property. They have a hole in the arrow shaft where you attach a string used to pull the arrow back.

2. Bow

When buying a bow, you’ll consider the different types of rests. You can choose either the roller or hook rest. These bows do minimal feature let-off and have less draw weight. The nature of the bow you select heavily depends on your interests and personal tastes. The traditional bows will include the Recurve bows and longbows. With the modern design, there are compound bows which use a pulley system to help the archer. The modern bows will have up to 50 kg draw weight. A few of the people will consider using crossbows.

3. The Line

The line will mostly feature nylon or spectra threads, and its weight ranges from 80 lbs to 400lbs. For large fish species, the pressure can go up to 600lbs. most common colors with the line are orange and white

4. Hand Wrap, Retriever, and Spincast Reels

These are the three common types of archery Bowfishing reels. For beginners, I recommend Hand-wrap reels. The reels will include a line holder, from which the line comes freely. For experienced fishers, retriever and Spincast reels will be a perfect option. The two are great when dealing with big-size fish species. They aim to make the fishing game more fun and enjoyable.

5. Learn the Techniques

Learn how to do shooting and wadding if you want to have fun in the archery bowfishing activity. Also, learn about the aiming skills. These are simple things that maybe tricky to understand. Everyone has his unique style, but coping the best will not hurt. Note that, for the technique, it’ll take some time to learn it thoroughly.

6. A boat

Of course, we don’t expect you to float on water like Jesus. Therefore, you need a vessel for transport purposes, and the most favorite for archery Bowfishing is a boat. If you’re a group, consider a larger boat. Note that, there are specific boats for Bowfishing, and therefore choose the one that suits the activity.

These are a few of the things that you check to have before you can go Bowfishing. Make sure that you have every piece listed if you want to gain the best fishing experience. Also, these gears are available on our archery supply stores website , and therefore, you can easily access them through our online shopp. If you would like more information on bowfishing click here