Archery 3D Targets

3-D Targets

These Archery supplies 3-D targets are the perfect option for bowhunting practice. They have an animal life-size, which makes them efficient in helping bowhunters gain experience and perspective shooting at spots with no bull’s eye mark. Archery supplies 3-D targets play an important role in evaluating your shot placement to get a decent, clean shot at multiple angles. They can also be placed in a position that simulates hunting incidents. Though relatively expensive, these targets can handle broadheads and have available replaceable inserts. However, ensure you put in place a backstop such as plywood behind the Archery 3-D target for  occasional misses.

Shooting at an archery target can be a type of practice before going for real hunting. It is also useful when training your kids who are novice beginners to archery. Archers can figure out the shots that they need to improve on before they head back to the forests. However. You will need a good target for your practice. This will be determined by many factors, including the fact that archers shoot little targets, big targets, block targets, 3-D targets, bag targets, and more. Here is an exclusive look at archery targets.

Basic Terms

A ‘bale’ is one of the common terminologies in archery targets. This refers to the target and materials from which it is made from such as straw, hay, high-density plastic foam, cloth rags or foam layers or scraps. Some archers make their target bales from materials like magazines, newspapers, old clothes, cardboard, and compressed carpet. A ‘face’ is the term that refers to the paper target you attach to your bale. The target faces are available in 40-, 60-, 80- and 122- centimeters diameters; hence, you should ensure your bale is sufficiently large for the target face you choose. It is recommendable that novice archers should begin with big bale and target face to prevent ruining or losing arrows that miss the mark.

Bag Targets

Archery supplies Bag targets contain a thick shell of woven polypropylene that is filled with plastic or cotton foam scraps. They are efficiently portable, and you can quickly move them inside to avoid bad weather. Archery Bag targets are relatively cheap and available, which makes them excellent for beginner archers. However, it might be difficult for them to hit smaller targets or for the arrows to penetrate the pliable surface. Mount the bag targets of the ground tightly to avoid shooting downward at them.

Hay Bales

These bales are ideal for beginners and are derived from herbaceous plants after cutting, drying and packing them together. This is because they are large to accommodate big target faces, cheap and have easy penetration of the arrows. Low poundage bows and youths will not have a problem in sticking an arrow in the hay bale. However, hay bales deteriorate fast and often get munched by an animal. This means you will replace them more often.

Foam Layer Block Targets

These are lightweight and portable targets that provide fairly easy arrow removal. They feature plastic-foamed layers great for archers who shoot regularly. There are also economical to boot. You can use any arrow including broadheads on this target, although filed points are more suitable in extending the life of your target.


As you can see, the Archery supplies target to purchase is determined by lots of factors such as your archery goals, what you can afford, and the duration you want it to last. Whether you are a competitive archer or a hunter, there are lots of options available to purchase or create your archery targets.

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